This is a Family-owned and operated Orthodontia practice that provides high-quality results. My Wife, Son and Daughter all had their teeth straightened with impressive results.

Marshall G.

I highly recommend Drs George and Brad (Father and Son). My two Sons have had great quality care.

Matty Z.

If you want your teeth straightened look no further. Dr. George Kaprelian and his son Dr. Brad Kaprelian, did a wonderful job of straightening my child's teeth. The change is amazing.

Rosy J.

As I've gone through my Invisalign treatment my care has been their highest priority. I couldn't be more happy with the results I've achieved and with the kind and courteous nature of the staff. Thank you all!

S. R.

Doctor Kaprelian is very easy to work with and very thorough. Every step of the process was clearly explained and implemented on the expected schedule. His attention to detail and ability to deal successfully with a patient who was a bit reluctant to follow instructions were impressive.

Meg. B

Dr. Kaprelian brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to my fairly complex case and because of that, my whole orthodontic experience ran smoothly. I feel so grateful that I had Dr. Kaprelian in my corner and I would recommend his office 100 times over!

Jennifer M.

From their careful and knowledgeable care, to the delightful Mickey, who works schedules this way and that to fit us in, we've always felt welcome, and that our daughter was in great hands! We highly recommend them! Best of, her teeth turned out beautiful!!

Kathy G.

Our sons, Patrick and Michael Harris, received treatment in your office many year ago. We remember you and Mickie fondly. Pat is 31 now and Mike is 29. I sometimes think of you when they smile and laugh. (They did not like the 2-phase treatment!) At the time, I didn't have the Internet to research it, but it made sense as told to me, and would seem to explain why their teeth get so much positive attention now. I see now that straightening is not quite enough. Your method complements nature, taking 2-D to 3-D. I'm so glad we chose Kaprelian.

A. Harris

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